Membership Terms and Conditions

Membership Terms and Conditions

  • I hereby apply for (or renew) membership of Herbertstown AFC and of FAI (Football Association Of Ireland).
  • I subscribe to and undertake to further the aims and objectives of the Club and of the FAI and to abide by its Rules.
  • I agree to abide by the Club Code of Conduct.
  • I consent to the Club using photographs of my children in club promotion material.


  • We/I consent to the above application and to undertakings given by the applicant.
  • We/I understand the personal data on this form will be used by the Club and the Association for the contractual purpose of registering (or reregistering) and maintaining the applicant’s membership.
  • We/I understand that the personal data will be retained by the Club and the Association for such period as the applicant’s membership subsists and for a reasonable period thereafter.
  • We/I understand that I can resign the applicant’s membership by writing to the Club or the Association at and their personal data will then be erased except where the Club or the Association has a clear justification to retain such personal data (e.g. for child safeguarding purposes).
  • We/I understand that the applicant’s personal data will also be used for administrative purposes to maintain their membership including club and team administration, registrations, team sheets, referee reports, disciplinary matters, injury reports, transfers, sanctions, permits and for statistical purposes. #
  • We/I understand that if I do not provide the applicant’s personal data their membership cannot be registered with the Club and the Association.

Medical Information

  • We/I will outline any medical information (i.e. allergies, conditions, medication) which may impact our child’s health, welfare or behavior while participating in club activities.
  • We/I will agree to inform by text or hand personally to your team manager this medical information before participating in club activities.
  • The contact details of your respective Manager are available Stack Team App.
  • We/I consent to the processing of the personal medical data as outlined above for the purpose of administering medical assistance to my child if required.
  • In the event of illness/injury, We/I give permission for medical treatment to be administered by a nominated first aid person, or by suitably qualified medical practitioners.
  • If We/I cannot be contacted and my child requires emergency hospital treatment, We/I authorize a qualified medical practitioner to provide emergency treatment or medication.
  • We/I have read the important Data Protection information and have given our consent, by ticking the box that our/my information to be used as follows:
  • – To provide us/me on our/my own behalf and on behalf of our/my child with updates regarding Club activities such as games, training, meetings and club events
  • – To provide us/me with details of Club fundraising activities including, social occasions, ticket sales etc.
  • – We/I are/am aware that our/my child’s photograph or video image may be take whilst attending or participating in games or activities connected with the Club and
  • – We/I consent to it being used in the promotion of FAI games, print, online/digital and social media mediums of communication.
  • – We/I understand that we/I can withdraw our/my consent at any time by writing to
  • – We/I understand my rights under Data Protection legislation.