Club Policies & Procedures

Club Policies & Procedures

The PDF document below contains the following club procedures;

  • Herbertstown AFC Mission Statement: Pg. 3
  • Child Protection: Pg. 4
  • Club Disciplinary, Complaints and Appeals Procedure: Pg. 10
  • Anti-Bullying Policy: Pg. 12
  • Recruitment Policy: Pg. 14
  • Coach, Manager, Volunteer Education & Support Policy: Pg. 17
  • Safety Policy: Pg.18
  • Substance Abuse Policy: Pg. 19
  • Club Children’s Officer/s: Pg. 19
  • Guidance on the Use of Photographic and Filming Equipment: Pg. 21
  • Travelling Guidelines: Pg. 23
  • Touching Guidelines: Pg. 23
  • Guidance on the use of Sanctions: Pg. 24
  • Code of Conduct for Spectators: Pg. 27
  • Players Code of Conduct: Pg. 28
  • Making sport fun: Pg. 30
  • Best Practice-Coaches: Pg. 30
  • Safety: Pg. 31

Risk Assessment Document for Herbertstown AFC

This risk assessment considers the potential for harm to come to children whilst they are in Herbertstown AFC care. This risk assessment precedes the Child Safeguarding Statement (Section 11 (1b) Children First Act 2015) which is developed following this risk assessment process.

Child Safeguarding Statement

Herbertstown AFC in accordance with the FAI Rulebook, FAI Child Welfare and Safeguarding policy, other FAI policies, procedures and our legislative requirements have agreed this Child Safeguarding Statement which is binding on all members.